Stuck in jakmania chaos

So today theres a big match between Persija and persib (cmiiw). i went to mall in Senayan (yauda si bilang aja plaza senayan) with my family and bf.
We decide to go home early, though the football match is over.
Yes. In fact its already over, but the supporters are still outthere. Out ofnowhere there’s a police cars and a panzer. I swear to god, theres a panzer. Then, the supporters starting to throw rocks to police cars and panzer. We panic! I was thinking “oh my god we trapped at the chaos. We’re gonna die man. We are” but my sister told my bf who drove my car to took transjakarta line. Then heyy, i’m in between panzer. Its cool yo. Feeling like you’re one of the minister and it feels like the panzer protecting you.
But it doesn’t take a long time, few mins after that another police who rode a motorcycle ask we to pull over from transjakartabusway.
lesson of the day: if you stuck in the middle of chaos, go took transjakarta line!



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