shawty hair!

yesterday i went to saloon, decide to chop my hair. i thought my hair was too long. and unfortunately my favorite capster was unavailble, so i though, i try with somebody else. and.. it quite surprising. and i wasn’t expected to be this short. hahaha

as i said, since long hair is too mainstream then i decide to cut my hair into this short. well not really short but its short for me.

its alright, it will grow again. and, another thing that surprising me is.. it cost only IDR 52k. hahaha cheap huh? 

also, yesterday i bought this Tresemme shampoo and conditionare. it cost around IDR 30-32K for 450 ML. cheap huh? compare to other bird brand. hahaha.

anyway. i tried this hair fall series. i love the smell. and the softness. think i’m going to use this?

score: 4/5

repurchase: errr. don’t know. we’ll see:)

have a good day all!



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