clumsy Natassya is Clumsy.

Today i went to the bank to pay my 2nd installment tuition fee. I paid with cash. Just like ordinary payment, you go to the teller, give the form & money. And in return, they give you the proof of payment. 

And this where the story begun. 
After i paid, i was playing with my phone and put the earphone. I was sitting at that time. And, i put the precious-proof of payment on the table. Then, after that i put mu phone in the bag. And walkout the bank to go to Dime.

When i arrived at Dime, i just realized that i left the precious-proof of payment at the table. I was panic. F, how come i could forgot that paper. So i decide to go to the bank, but i thinking, if i go back by walk it will took almost 20 minutes to go there, and the creative mind comes up, just take the train and and get off at muntaner. Then i go to the Sant gervasi station. 
But the creative isn’t smart at all. I took the wrong train. Again, i realized when i already inside the train. 

So i get off at the next station, which is Gracia. then i should take another train go back to Muntaner, and i have to wait like 7 minutes. As you know, in a time like this, 7 minutes feels like 1 friggin hour. haha. 

and time goes by, i took the right train and get off at Muntaner. and go straight to the bank. Alhamdulilah, the bank is really near from the station. i looked from outside, my precious paper is still there. Allhamdulillah. Then, i’m rushing go inside the bank and took my precious paper.

I decided to took another train to go to Dime, since its really tiring. I arrived late but at least i’m still attend the class. Allhamdulillah, i can’t stop thanking. Lesson learned. 


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