Lime Crime Velvetines Wicked

I was kinda curious with this kinda lip cream. FYI, I bought a lot of lipstick lately. I don’t even know when its gonna be finish haha. Anyway, so my cousin gave me the-super-hype Lime Crime Velvetines. It doesn’t sold in Indonesia officially but a lot of instagram shop sell for around IDR 350-375k, which kinda costly. The original price is only USD 20.

Lime Crime Wicked

Apparently, Lime Crime velvetines have a various colour. The famous one is the red velvet which the bright-red. But since I already own a couple of red lipsticks, so I decided to pick the (still) deep red, Wicked. The texture is very wet but it will dry, it takes time tho. It will turns to velvet and matte finish. Its kinda tricky, because if you have a dry lips (which i had), it will show a streak and patchy lines. I suggest you to scrub your lip first before using this.

I’m not an expert in makeup, but I love playing makeup. So earlier today, me and a few interns in my office wore Wicked. It was very beautiful and I pretty sure it suitable for any skin color. In my opinion, the color almost similar with NYX Soft Matte Lip Color in Copenhagen. Not exactly the same, but if you want to save some money, perhaps you can pick the NYX one.

Again, its tricky to apply this lip lacquer. Since its very wet and it easily stain, be sure you wear it well. Otherwise it will stain all over your lips just like I did. haha. It took time to dry, like 20 secs. The staying power was so-so, I think it affect differently for different person.

Anyway, here’s the pic of me and my friends using Lime Crime Wicked.

Hope this review useful for you. X



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