The Hunt of Wedding Venue in Jakarta

Nope.. i’m not gonna married this year in case you’re wondering :p

There’s a lot of wedding venue here in Jakarta, starts from hotel until a restaurant, it depends on your budget of course. But for me, Le boyfriend and family decided to choose a carpeted-venue only and in central Jakarta. So here’s the venue that i’ve been visiting the past week:

1. Sovereign Plaza, TB. Simatupang

Actually I was interested before I went there. I saw their exhibition on one of wedding expo and decided to take a look to there. But, yes as I predicted, it is so far from my home. It took around an hour with normal traffic. So I definitely cross this from my venue list. But other than that, I think the ballroom is not wide. Its long to the back. It has a crystal lamp which is very beautiful and its accommodate tops 800 guests.

2. SMESCO, Jl. Gatot Subroto

SMESCO is one of the BRP group (Sovereign and Sucofindo). Many friends of mine doesn’t recommend this place due to parking space. But I still want to take a look this place. Got to park the car outside of the building, there’s a large ground next to to the building. It was not very crowded perhaps its still on noon. Anyway, the ballroom itself located on the 4th floor. To get there, I passed a hall of stores. Which it kinda bother me. There are 4 elevators from ground level, not sure how many from basement though. When I got there, there will be a wedding on the evening using Minang traditional, a real coincidence since I’m gonna use that too *sigh*. The decoration using Djus Masri (photos below). The ballroom is wide, the ceiling is normal, but there’s something I don’t like but not sure what it is ! hahaha. They don’t rent the ballroom separately, the make it into package like this

Paket Traditional

As you can see, It seems cheap for IDR 128 mio for all. But don’t be fooled. Look at thoroughly. For the catering it self they only give for 600 pax, which If you plan to invite 1000 pax you must add 500 more. And of course all the decoration, makeup, hair do, photography and all are standard. You can upgrade though. For buffet catering, the package cover IDR 56,000, so if you want to use for example Puspita Sawargi, you must add IDR 7,000 per pax.

But as I mentioned earlier, when I was there, there will be Minang reception using Djus Masri for decoration and Puspita Sawargi for catering, I asked the marketing, how many guests they invited, and the approximate budget they had spent. The marketing said, it will be 1200 guests and it cost around IDR 200 mio.

Anyway it still on my list though. But not as my priority. Here’s the list of SMESCO’s vendors partner



3. Graha Jala Puspita

It is sooo hard to find this venue’s review on the internet. Well, there are couple though but it was very out of date (2 or 3 years ago). But I got this venue recommendation from a friend of mine said that this place isn’t that expensive and located on the central of jakarta and carpeted :p

It is located on Jl. Gatot Subroto, close to the flyover. If you are from Senayan area, you can take direction to TVRI and take the flyover, and the venue is right on your left. It’s opposite of DPR/MPR building.

The rent price itself is quite cheap, IDR 15 Mio. Normally the held 2 events, noon and evening. The price list for Catering starts from IDR 75,000 , IDR 80,000 and IDR 85,000

Le boyfriend doesn’t really like the venue, because he said its too KAKU (not sure the right word in English, haha). and the AC itself not using the central one from the building. They using standing AC, which I also really worry it could be very hot if too many people inside. The layout it self quite strange, from the moment you get in, the stage its on your left.

But the good thing, it located on the protocol area of Jakarta, venue rent is so-so, and no need to take elevator or escalator or stairs to get there (straight from lobby).





Here’s the link for Graha Jala Puspita Price list and Terms and Conditions and Graha Jala Puspita’s vendors partner.

4. Palma One Jl.Rasuna Said

Also heard this venue from a friend of mine. It located on the side of Pasar Festival, not so far after the gas station. The ballroom located on the 6th Floor. To access the ballroom, you have to pass the offices. Which another weird moment, although my friend said during the reception there will be decoration to cover all those offices. Didn’t got a chance to take a look inside the ballroom cause the OB already left. But got the brochure during the wedding expo that I attended a few weeks ago. They don’t rent the ballroom separately, they rent in package.

Here’s the link for Palma One’s vendors partner and Palma One’s package pricelist

5. Granadi , Jl. Rasuna Said

A friend of mine will held the wedding in here on next April. She said Granadi only accept 1 wedding reception per day which is good. The ballroom itself located on the first floor, doesn’t need to take elevator or escalator to get there, but stairs! yes. haha. the stairs is quite high, but the good thing the ballroom is right when you get into the lobby. The ballroom is very beautiful i must admit, The ceiling is high. I didn’t take any photo though. The price is IDR 25mio ballroom only. They only rent the ballroom, but they do have vendor partners though. The vendors are also well known so need to worry.

The pricelist for catering starts from IDR 75,000, IDR 80,000, IDR 85,000

Here’s the photo of their price list and vendors

Picture 049 Picture 051

So. That was my hunt for last Saturday. So far, my first choice is Granadi, second is SMESCO. My mother also loved Granadi. But, I’ll still looking for other venue. Hope this useful. X


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