Thank you Lazada :-)

So this post, will be about how I bought Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for only IDR 6 mio (approx. 450 USD) and LG G4 dual sim LTE for only IDR 4 Mio (approx. 300 USD).

On Monday, 22nd of June, around 10 PM in the evening, a friend of mine sent me a whatsapp message on the group, telling that Lazada just had a huge sale 50% all item, and she told me that a friend of her just bought a Macbook (not sure which version it is) for only IDR 5 Mio (half price from the market). At first, I didn’t buy it, but then I checked, I went to the website then I made a dummy booking; an iPhone 6, I picked iPhone 6 16GB Gold, then I checked out, the I put the magic code; JAKARTA488. The code was reflect for the 488th birthday of Jakarta. Then, voila! It is half price, from a 8,5 Mio to 4,25 Mio (Approx. 318 USD). Don’t believe? See it for your self:


I jumped, I texted my sister whom has an intention to buy LG G4, then I told her that all items are on sale. I also text my BF. After long discussion, whether buy an iPhone or Samsung, then I decided to buy Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge since that’s what I wanted from the beginning, so does my sister, she picked LG G4 instead of iPhone. My BF bought GoPro Hero 4 Black edition.

S__9895938 S__9895940 S__9887755

I asked my friend-the one who told me about the sale- when this sale will end? She don’t know for sure but better hurry up. So, I spread the happiness to all my closest friends. Well, I kinda have a lot of closest friends HAHAHA

Some of them didn’t believe it was real, they said, Lazada will cancel it first thing in the morning. But I don’t give a damn, I took a shot, so If Lazada cancel my order, its okay at least I tried.

But, not to mention a lot of people took this for granted. I heard a lot of people bought a lot of iPhones, and they planned to sell it again. Well, for me personally I bought the phone for my self. This sale also made you became impulsive. This is a serious ituation hahahah.

On the next morning, some of my friends are still able to use the code, they bought a laptop, another GoPro, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge, Fuji cameras and so on. Which I’m so happy to hear that.

When I arrived at the office, again, I spread the happy news to my office mate, but unfortunately around 8 AM the code cannot already invalid. I asked my friend, is this serious? Then she said, we don’t know for sure. But look at the bright side, the level of trust of Indonesia market to e commerce is increase significantly. I heard some people are willing to shop until IDR 90 mio. o_o

Now, the next questions, will Lazada deliver all the orders? I wait patiently, then on Wednesday, I received my first order; my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

the well received Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

I cannot believe it was real. I just bought s6 Edge for only IDR 6 Mio! While its still 12 Mio on the counter, and its real, its original, not refurbished or else! Happy Natassya is just simply happy. The day after tomorrow, I received my other order which are, UAG case and tempered glass for s6 Edge, and yes. Half price ofcourse.


and some of my friends also received the goods already. But I also heard some sad news, some of my friend’s order are being cancelled, the customer care told them that the customer are violating the rules. Which they can only buy 1 pcs per brand or so.

My friend’s GoPro Hero 4 silver edition also being cancelled. After my friend transferred and paid the order, Lazada didn’t want to deliver the item. They said its violating the rules. My friend argue, “How come I violating the rules, I order, I paid during the time,  you verified my payment and you just cancelled my order. It doesn’t work that way, and I want my order to be sent!” But unfortunately Lazada ignoring my friend and keep refunding my friend’s order.

On the other side, they said, we-the lucky ones- just took for granted of Lazada’s sale. Well we didn’t know its a glitch/error/or real sale campaign, from Customer point of view, you should keep it professional. You have to fulfil customers needs. You don’t ask for payment if you cannot fulfil the order.

Anyway, All my items are being delivered and I’m happy. All I want to say is, whatever going on with you Lazada, I hope your business keep going strong and you’ll make another sale like this in the future!

Le BF GoPro Hero 4 Black




One thought on “Thank you Lazada :-)

  1. So sad i’m not join this promo, but shame on them if they cant finish all the transaction that happen on that day. (I know they will blame anything) but hey, you cant blame your customer right? Hope lazada management could fix it. Congrats btw

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