Easy Gyutan Don Recipe

Helloo guys! It’s been awhile since my last post. We got this to the point, i’m going to share with you the most happening food at the moment (at least here in Jakarta) when everywhere you go – bazaar especially, there must be some food stall selling this – Gyutan Don or Beef tongue.

There’s 1 restaurant, called Negiya, selling the famous Gyutan Don from Menya Melbourne. It is good but its different from Menya. I think its because of the rice? Anyway, its damn expensive. Like around 90-100k per set meal. Then I think, dude, i guess I can make this. But turns out, to find the beef tongue it wasn’t that easy. Not every supermarket sell this kinda beef. I got mine from Indoguna (close to Pasar Santa) at it’s pretty damn cheap. It cost about Rp 40k for 200 grams. *jawdropping*. Buttt. Since its a specific part you should go there as early as possible. My first attempt was on the afternoon, but sadly the beef tongue was sold out already. So here’s the recipe:


200 gr beef tongue – this needs to be super thin. It a bit difficult to slice it with knife, unless you have a very sharp knife, use kitchen scissor instead. the thinner the merrier.

5 tbs sesame oil

2 tbs japanese/korean soy sauce (i used the korean one)

2 tbs mirin

1 tsp dashi

1 tbs vegetable oil (any kind)

1 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

2 tbs water

2 cloves shallot

1 leek

How to;

  1. Put the sliced and clean beef into the bowl, mix it with soy sauce, dashi, sesame oil, water, mirin, vegetable oil, sugar, salt
  2. leave it for 15 mins, if you want to eat it at the same time. But, its better to leave the overnight
  3. Warm a pan, non-sticky one I suggest with a slight of sesame oil (i love sesame oil) with a medium heat. Put the beef to the pan for 3-5 minutes without the water, make sure it doesn’t overcooked.
  4. once its done, turn the heat into as small as possible, put sliced shallot and sliced leek, mix it up.
  5. VOILA. Your gyutan don is ready.


Some of you may ask, whats the water leftover for? you  can cook it again, by reheat it on the same pan, and treat that as the sauce and pour it on top of the gyutan don and rice.

For the rice, I don’t have specific reference, but the rice like for Hoka Hoka Bento I think works best.

Hope this help for you. Don’t forget to share my recipe if you like.





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