First Attempt to OBGYN: Prof. Dr. Endy Moegni

Hello folks! Long time no post! 🙂
Lets get into it.
I made this post since I barely even find the post regarding Klinik Moegni or Prof. Endy.

So, me and TB has been married for about 9 months now (we married in May 2016). And, up until, now we don’t have baby yet. IT doesn’t mean we didn’t try. We did, but God has another plan for us now 🙂
However, on this year, I suggest my self to get check up on the OB/GYN. After did some research here and there, finally I made up my mind to go with Prof. Dr. Endy Moegni. He is a well known fertility specialist and OB/GYN (CMIIW).
I went to his family’s clinic called “Klinik Moegni” on Menteng.

I made appointment last week for today, 6th February 2017. A friend of mine said, it will be best if I go there on my fertility window. So yeah, today is one of my fertility window.

Long story short, I went there with TB 6 PM straight (cause the nurse told me so), got queued about 1,5-2 hours (I got number 16). When my name got called, we get in to the room which where we have to changes our shoes into their sandals.

Prof. Endy is a very humble doctor, he greeted me and TB by our name and asked us to sit. And he directly ask what our concern. So basically, we want to check – as I mention on above.

He ask me to go to the next room where the examination took, and TB also welcomed on the room. The nurse asked me to take of my pants and underwear. I expected this, since my friend also told me there will be internal vagina check. I sat on the chair where I open my legs,okay getting weird…

And Prof. Endy took some spray, i think its somewhat a cleaner, and did Colposcopy and Ultrasound down there. Result?

Allhamdulillah, there was nothing in there, no miom, no kista. Everything are normal. Thanks God.

Prof. Endy explained to us on where is my uterus, ovaries egg, cervix, etc. He asked me if my period are regular, and my answer is yes, I got my period every month but the cycle is not constant. Sometimes I got 28,29 last time I got 35. But I never got before 28 days.

When he explained on my Ovaries egg, he said that my egg are a bit small, around 13. Normally it goes around 18. But other than that everything is normal.

I asked him, so do I have like PCOS/PCO? He said; No, you’re perfectly normal now. Allhamdulillah.

After that, Prof Endy wrote some prescription – a vitamin, that I need to drink twice a day – vitamin called Ovacare. And he told us to BD every 2 days, and he also said lets wait and see, if I don’t get my period (late) for a week, then i may check with preganancy test. But if I get my period, he suggest to come to him on my 14th day. He also said to buy some medicine or vitamin to be drank on the 3rd day of my period.

TB also asked regarding the EMS training that i’m currently doing right now. So I give him some explanation regarding the EMS training, and he said, its okay and its fine.

So, to sum up my meeting today. We’re crossing our fingers now and keep the BD until my fertility window end. in case you curious, these are the cost for the appointment;

Doctor’s consulation : Rp 350.000
Colposcopy: Rp 130.000
USG 2D: Rp 410.000
Print USG and Colposcopy photo: Rp 35.000
Total: Rp 935.000

For the vitamin (Ovacare) – 2 boxes : Rp 515.000

Here are the address of Klinik Moegni:
Jl. Teuku CIK Ditiro No. 45A, Menteng, RT.10/RW.5, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10310
(021) 3155231

Prof. Endy practice every Monday-Wednesday if you’re TTC 5-10 PM.

Appointment recommended.

I’ll update you guys on the progress. Hope this useful



2 thoughts on “First Attempt to OBGYN: Prof. Dr. Endy Moegni

  1. Hi there.
    Salam kenaal.. Masa bisa sama banget. Saya juga nikah di bulai Mei 2016 dan baru berencana ke prof.endy moegni sekarang nih. Nanti malem janjian ketemu.
    Kalau boleh tau, gimana progress kamu dengan prof? Apa sudah berhasil hamil seperti yg diharapkan? Mohon info nya yaa..

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