Update: Second visit to OB/GYN

Hi Folks! It’s been a month since my last post on my first attempt to OB/GYN.

On my last post, I mentioned that, doctor subscribed me 1 vitamin – Ovacare,that  I need to drink twice a day, everyday. And another 1 is a medicine for fertility, that I need to drink on my 3rd day on my next period.

Last Monday, 20 Feb, early morning when I arrived at office – ride elevator, i felt a bit nauseus. I thought, OK maybe I’m getting fatter and my pants doesn’t fit anymore. After lunch time, I went to toilet to pee, and I saw some pink spotting. I thought  – OK, aunt Flo is coming anytime soon, No preggos this time. Immediately I told my husband on this to manage his expectation that i’m not pregnant this time – and prepare to buy the medicine that doctor prescribed me before.

But at night, I wondered. Am I getting implantation bleeding? But I don’t feel any symptomps on that. Also, the symptoms are the same with period, so I can’t really tell the difference. But I told to my self to keep my self to be positive. That, God already have a plan for me.

Day After, 21 Feb, the Aunt Flo didn’t come. I was curious and suspicious. Well, normally when I had spot on the day before, the next day I will get the AF. No doubt. But this time, not.

I secured some pregnancy test on my office drawer – the cheap one (the strip). This is the moment of truth.

I went to toilet, and tried the pregnancy test. I have tried before, and if i’m not pregnant there’s no double line showed. Since this pregnancy test is cheap, maybe the quality to absorb and detect is super slow so I have to wait more times than any pregnancy test usually does.

And it turns two lines.





I told my self not to be overjoyed caused nothing is confirmed until we meet the doctor. Beside I check on the noon. I thought, maybe my urine just evaporated the test and made those lines (OK this is stupid).

I didn’t want to tell my husband first, because I don’t want to put his hopes high, then I told my friends on Line group. I asked them, “what do you guys think? Am I pregnant?”  Since, only 1 person that had been pregnant and she cannot sure because its different pregnancy test type so she suggested me to buy the compact one instead of the strip line. But my friend reassured my, it supposed to be pregnant even on how faint the line is. I also ask my colleague in office on this, she said the same things as well. and she told me to buy the compact one and try the next day on the first thing in the morning, since it’s the highest HCG we had – urine is not diluted.

I went to bought 2 pregnancy test. I tried immediately 1 of it, and it shows 2 lines. But I’m still doubting my self. So it left me with 2 choices:

  1. Am I want to wait to next week? If yes, don’t tell Husband and keep it as secret until next week
  2. Tell husband but with caution to manage his expectation on this.

I chose option 2. I told my husband immediately on WhatsApp, and his first respond was “Didn’t you got your period yesterday?”, I answer immediately regarding the spotting.

Long story short, I went home and talked with my husband. I told him, lets wait tomorrow to test, and if it shows i’m positive, let’s go to OB/GYN to check this.

Wednesday, 22 Feb. When I got up, I straight went to the toilet and tried the test. And it shows positive (clearer). Then me and husband decided to go immediately to the doctor. We cannot wait. LOL.

I went to  YPK Mandiri, with Dr. Nadir Chan firstly in. Actually I planned to go with Prof. Endy on Klinik Moegni, however he’s only available on Thursday, and my husband is out on business  trip on Thursday.

Dr. Nadir Chan is a senior doctor, his schedule is basically everyday at YPK Mandiri. You can check his schedule here. Friend of mine recommend him to me.

He’s not that talkative, when I got into the room, I sat, and he asked my a couple basic questions such as; how long have we been married, is this my first pregnancy, when was my last period. and he asked me to go straight to the bed and do transvaginal USG.

When he checked, he was showing my uterus and he’s looking for the ‘thing’, and finally he said. “Congratulations, here’s your baby. Very small. 4 weeks.”


The size was very small, only a dot in the picture :)) Thankfully, the baby is healthy so far, everything was normal. He only told me that i cannot eat raw food. Everything must be well done. He also prescribe me 1 vitamins – Folic Acid, and Utrogestan to help maintain uterine lining, and a lab check that I need to bring on next visit.

Me and husband are beyond happy with this information. Sometimes I cannot believe that I am pregnant already. Because, thankfully I have no strong pregnancy symptoms aside from mood swing :))

Aside that, I’m thanking Prof. Endy, for his help on this and gave us some clarity.

Please, wish us the best and luck for this baby, hopefully he/she will be healthy until the due date.





One thought on “Update: Second visit to OB/GYN

  1. Best wishes for you! I found this post from WordPress search, keyword YPK Mandiri, lol. I miss that hospital so much. I gave birth to my firstborn at that hospital, a year ago. My obgyn was Dyah Irawaty.

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