Update: Spotting and bleeding during early pregnancy

After i knew I was pregnant, I’m starting to taking care of my self. But, a week after my visit to OB/GYN, i had some brown spotting and a slight bleeding after that. Here’s the cronology

26 Feb: I had very small brown spotting – about 1 cm.

27 Feb: Clean

28 Feb: I had bleeding not much, but the color is bright red, no clots. I went to Doctor immediately.

I went to Dr. Yusfa at YPK, since he’s the only doctor that available at the moment. He did transvaginal USG and at first she said “oh I’m sorry Natassya, it’s not there anymore”. I was shock but i was prepared for this the moment i saw my blood. But a few seconds later, he said “Oh no, it’s there. There you go. When is your LMP? How much is the size of your previous GS(Gestasional Sac)?”


He declare that I am abortus imminens, which a threat for miscarriage, so he suggest me to do a full lab scan (blood work and urine), and bed rest for 3 days. He also prescribed me 400 mg Cycgest and Hystolan.

1-4 Mar: during bed rest period, i still had some spotting but no blood

5-6 Mar: clean

7 Mar: at noon, i had bleeding again. Panicking at went to YPK with Dr. Yusfa again.

He doing transvaginal  USG check again, since he couldn’t see anything on the abdominal USG. He said, the GS is not growing or commonly said Blighted Ovum. Where the pregnancy is not well develop. Normally on week 6, the embrio should be seen. But it’s not there. He suggest me to do curatage or by medicine. But I ask him to wait 1 week to see the development. And he said “Ok, you have to do blood test on HCG. if the result are above 1000 there still a chance, but if not. I’m so sorry”. Right after the visit, I went immediately to lab and did some blood test.

8 Mar: I picked up the blood test result.The result? My HCG is 20.700, which is still in the normal range for week 6; 1000-50.000. I texted Dr. Yusfa immediately informing the result and he said “Ok, consult next week”.

But, I didn’t do that, I share my story to some of my closest friends, and they suggest me to check on second opinion on different doctor. Then, I suggest to visit Prof. Dr. Endy Moegni again on next Thursday (9 March).

9 Mar: I went to Klinik Moegni and brought all my lab result, and usg. I explained from start till the moment Dr. Yusfa declared i’m Blighted ovum. Then, he check transvaginal USG again on me.

What I loved about Prof. Dr Endy is, he’s very friendly and warm. The moment I entered his room, he greeted my and my husband’s name, asking how are we doing? Even when he did the transvaginal USG, he did it very gently, different with other doctors before.

Slowly he check my uterus, etc. And he said “oh, this one you said that not well developed?” then i answered “yes Doc”. He respond “see the blink there? It’s the baby”, I spontaneusly said “Allhamdulillah” and cried.

I was told that I’m going to miscarry and Dr. Endy just said the baby is there. Beating.

Based on the CRL (crown rump length) size, it says that i am 6 weeks far.


He also said, there’s no blood in there. So everything is Okay, but he changed all my medicines and will the a second check on the next 2 weeks.

Allhamdulillah, i’m so beyond happy with this information, this gave me a little hope on this pregnancy.

Another thing he said;

It’s fine if you had some brown spotting as long its not a blood. You just need to give it a rest. If you had bleeding, then you have to come to the hospital immediately.

Thank you Doc, you gave me a little hope and positivity 🙂




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