Final Verdict The Cause of My Miscarriage

It’s been a week since my d&c. Today, I went to doctor to get a final check up and to see the result of anatomy pathology of my unborn baby.

So basically, my uterus now already clean. Doctor suggested my to TTC after 2 cycles, but me and DH doesn’t want to pending it so maybe we’ll give a try after 1 cycle.

The result of the pathology anatomy is total abruption of placenta, so the baby didn’t get any oxygen or food from me. Then, I asked the cause of the total abruption, Doctor said, most probably it is because¬†Anticardiolipin (ACA) syndrome.

I felt so regret on this. Anticardiolipin can be detected on early pregnancy by lab check, however my doctor didn’t suggested me at all. This supposed to be can be prevented, either with medicine or injection.

I felt so devastated, cause 5 days before my D&C my baby was well developed, and got a strong heartbeat. And IF, this has been diagnosed before, this could be prevented, and I still could have a healthy pregnancy T_T #crying

I asked my doctor, what about the next step? He only said that, on next pregnancy, we will do further check on this Anticardiolipin (ACA).

Well, this is a destiny that God has given. Maybe this isn’t the right time.

Maybe later.


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