Review: PIXI Rose Oil Blend

Hi Folks!

I visited US a week ago. and yes, you right. This means: skin care and make up haul! I’ve been eyeing couple of products (I make a list actually) to shop at Sephora and Target or any other drugstore.

Many friends of mine ask me to buy PIXI Glow Tonic, i’ve read the rave all over the instagram and blogs. But aside of that, I am more intrigue with the Rose Oil blend. As you know, the oil face is becoming a trend again and I am keen to try that.

I have a combination oily face in the humid weather. Most of the time my make up will melt if i’m not in the air conditionare area. I also have uneven skin tone due to acne scars.

Unfortunately, PIXI only being sold on Target and online. Target isn’t everywhere like Duane Reade or CVS, so I have to go to certain location that have Target. When I was in NYC, I lived in Bedford, which the closest Target (based on Google) is on the Atlantic Avenue. But, PIXI is sold out! But luckily, when I was sightseeing on the Brooklyn heights area, there’s a new mall that have Target and, they do have PIXI. YAZZ

Anyway. I bought-definitely the PIXI glow tonic. And I saw this Rose Oil blend. It cost around 22$. I was thinking, buy or not to buy this facial oil. Based on the packaging, it said can gives elasticity and glow to the skin. The oil contains Sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate seed, and rose geranium oils.

Yes, you spotted the rosehip. This oily is being very happening lately. So I was intrigued to try. And the price was reasonable enough.

It comes with a pump bottle contains 30ml. The texture is thick (as I expected) but absorbed quickly. Had a rose scent which I love.

I apply directly to my face after my essence routine, and still apply moisturizer afterwards, both AM and PM. Direct result it surely did give extra moist to my face. However, I haven’t see or feel the concrete result.

Perhaps, I need to use this frequently to see the result. I think, if you have dry skin, this will works wonder for you.

So, I’ll update later on how this will goes.

Hope this helps. XX


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