Pregnancy with Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Hi All.

I’m reaching the end of my pregnancy. Currently 37 weeks now. And i had experienced the most problem preggo women had; hemorrhoids or piles.

I already had hemorrhoids long before my pregnancy. But its a severe one. Still can be push back in with effort. But I had 1 burst hemorrhoid on my 17 weeks pregnancy. It because i pushed too hard during my bowel movement then I had it. But since I’m on vacation during that period. I tried not to feel it and had many activities, I guess that caused the hemorrhoids burst out.

Then now. I had it again out of sudden. I have casual bowel movement so I guess cannot blame that. Then I consult with my obgyn. He said its normal to have hemorrhoids during late pregnancy. So he prescribed me Ultraproct N (a supisitory). I immediately apply the medicine when i got home but didnt push the hemorrhoid back in since it hurts so bad and i cried during the application.

Next day – which means day 2, it didn’t get anh better. It got worse actually. My hemorrhoids is a a big as grape and hurts everytime i move whether its walking, standing, sitting or even sleeping. I tried to put ice cube to numb mh pain.I couldn’t sleep at night because of the pain. Even i cried when i changed sleep position. šŸ˜­šŸ˜­

Day 3 in the morning, which is today. I saw some red blood from my rectum area. I thought my hemorrhoids bursted again. But no. Its scratched everytime i tried to wipe back there.

So with my husband helps, he tried to clean up the blood with cotton ball. And he confirmed that the blood came from the hemorrhoids. I feel super painful here. Everytime my hemorrhoid being touch, Im afraid i’m about to pass out šŸ˜…

Then I decided to hold my pain and asked my husband help to push the hemorrhoid back in. With a lot of strenght and pain finally it goes back in. šŸ˜­šŸ˜­

Oh my God. It was super painful. But it feels much much better when it gets back in. I can move comfortably and speak normal (without cried). Eventho i still feel sore in back there. I hope the Hemorrhoids don’t go out again until my due date.

So my suggestion will be;

1. Try sit or put ice pack on the hemorrhoids

2. Apply virgin coconut oil with lavender essential oil to reduce the swelling and stop the bleeding from the scratch

3. To help push hemorrhoid back in can use the coconut oil to easen the process

I hope this useful for you. Xx


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